Q. How to connect fp50u with computer?
A. TCP/IP connection use cat 5 cable, maximum distance is 100 meters. RJ45 Socket can also do the connect by the provided RS232 cable. The maximum distance for RS232 cable is 5 meters.
Q. How many types of electronic lock?
A. 1. Electronic bolt. 2. Electronic Magnetic 3. Electronic strike
Q. What is RJ45 socket?
A. It is a 8 wire socket for pluging CAT5 network cable.
Q. What is category 5 cable?
A. Category 5
The specification for category 5 cable was defined in ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A, with clarification in TSB-95. These documents specified performance characteristics and test requirements for frequencies of up to 100 MHz.
Category 5 cable includes four twisted pairs in a single cable jacket. This use of balanced lines helps preserve a high signal-to-noise ratio despite interference from both external sources and other pairs (this latter form of interference is called crosstalk). It is most commonly used for 100 Mbit/s networks, such as 100BASE-TX Ethernet, although IEEE 802.3ab defines standards for 1000BASE-T - Gigabit Ethernet over category 5 cable. Cat 5 cable typically has three twists per inch of each twisted pair of 24 gauge copper wires within the cables.
Q. What to do if loss fp50u admin right ?
A. Use firmware sample program to clear the enroll data. Then, setup again the new administrator password or finger print.
Q. What to do if cannot connect to fp50u ?
A. Find the IP of the device. Try to ping the device and see whether there is reply.
Q. Why electronic lock needs an electric lock adapter ?
A. Electronic lock requires electricity. The voltage used is only 12V. So, we need an adapter to transform from 220V to 12V.
Q. Could not download template ?
A. Try to use a cat5 cross wire cable for connecting pc with the device and test the download. If it can, it is the network problem that cause the case. If it still cannot, the firmware of the device may have problem.
Q. Finger print cannot register ?
A. The optical sensor may have problem. Exchange of optical sensor is one way to solve the problem.
Q. Machine with beep beep sound the device sometimes on and sometimes not ?
A. It is a serious error. The main board of the device needs to be exchanged.
Q. Probe without response ?
A. Check the internal 9v dry electricity supply. If it is shortage of electricity.
Q. Cannot download data – poor contact ?
A. The head of the probe has a surround circle which is embedded and has poor contact with the downloader. The probe needed to be repaired.
Q. Cannot download data – poor contact ?
A. The downloader has left and right metal plate which has problem to fix the probe. It causes poor contact between the probe and the downloader.